Sweet Water from Salt” a Grist Editor’s Pick

Carolina Rodriguez FuenmayorCarolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Sweet Water from Salt” is now available to read on Grist! It was a lovely surprise to have them reach out last year about reprinting the story as an Imagine 2200 Editors’ Pick.

I originally wrote and submitted the story for the contest back in 2021, but it didn’t quite make it to the short list. The story found a home in Issue 4 of Solarpunk Magazine, published last year, and I can’t speak highly enough of the experience I had with the editorial team.

The story follows the grieving Cyril Shome as he sails to find refuge for his family’s legacy. If it weren’t for the contest’s challenge to writing hopeful climate fiction, the story wouldn’t have been written. Having Sweet Water from Salt” be part of Imagine 2200 feels like its own sort of homecoming.

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